Friday, 23 December 2011

'Genie in a Bottle' wins award at DSLR cinema's 'One Shot One Kill' festival

An early Christmas present!!!!


'The theme for this festival was “One Shot One Kill”. The participants were required to make a short film, 6 minutes or less in length, and it had to be done in one take. This accomplishment has always amazed me and it gives a film a life-like feel to it that is hard to put your finger on. The films entered in this festival were really good and I was amazed at the quality and preparation that must have had to have taken place in order for them to pull it off. Thanks again to all those who participated. Great stuff!


1st Place: The First Timer by Ben Lundsten
2nd Place: John Smith | Genie in a Bottle by Mondo Manangement
3rd Place: Lost and Found by Greg Best'

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Merry Christmas! New video for Rosie Vanier's Alternative Christmas Carol

This was a fun day shoot, many thanks to Hana Backland for her production design and general brilliance, Catherine Frowd for her lighting expertise and Stevie B for her terrific make-up and also to our friends at Rogue theatre for lending us some awesome gear.

Monday, 7 November 2011

'Severed Dreams' wins award at the 10th annual Cornwall Film Festival

Well this was a lovely surprise and a great way to end what has been my favourite CFF to date (and after the warm reception for 'Skynt' last year that's really saying something!). Severed Dreams was awarded 'Best Cornish Short' at the closing ceremony on Sunday night. To be considered for an honour like this, let alone to win it, in my home county surrounded by friends and fellow filmmakers was a total head-rush and unexpected delight and I couldn't think of a better way to round out the year. My very talented cast and crew are to be commended for their efforts. My thanks go to the Festival, University College Falmouth, Ruarri Joseph and Mondo Management, the jury as well as to my peers who entered the same category - in particular (of the shorts I caught) I thought 'Watching Millie' and 'My Truro' were brilliant entries and it makes the award that much more gratifying knowing the competition was so strong. In a nice example of me coming full circle since 'Skynt' the award was presented by the awesome Elizabeth Stewart of Maga (one of the people who gave me my Skynt job), who ratcheted up the tension in her own inimitable style (at least for those who remembered being nominated) by announcing the award-winner line-by-line in Kernewek then translating into English. I was also massively chuffed for my pal Brett Harvey; his feature 'Weekend Retreat'(I served as 1st AD) not only rocked the crowds on Saturday night, it also won the coveted Delabole Slate Golden Chough Award, an honour not normally bestowed on features, it is awarded to the film that best represents the spirit of the festival - in this case richly deserved given the amount of time, effort and labour that went into creating such a kick-ass film.
The festival programme was of a very high caliber and I was very grateful to be able to check out screenings of features such as 'Kill List', 'We need to talk about Kevin', 'Bell Flower', 'Tomboy' and 'Happy Christmas' the new offering from local filmmaker Mark Jenkin. Congrats to Will Coleman and team for the new GK film 'Tamara' as well as o-region, who said farewell to the beloved 'Big Pitcher' and introduced a new film challenge that looks set to ensure the survival of Cornish language filmmaking for the foreseeable future. Well done also to Emily Dobson for her excellent dance film, 'Breathe' and Dean Nolan for appearing in what seemed like every film in the fest! The Lighthouse cinema proved an excellent venue and there was a buzzing atmosphere throughout. Congrats to Matt Humby, Lerryn Rowe, Tiff Holmes and Donna Anton and all the team who put together such a slick festival.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

New music video released, John Smith - Genie in a Bottle

This is the new video in collaboration with Mondo Management commissioned by Bernadette Barrett, Manager of Damien Rice and Lisa Hannigan as well as the fantastic John Smith. The video was shot in a very long day at the Rogue Theatre space in Cornwall and Stars Rogue mainstays Ollie Oakenshield and Molly Weaver. The video was lensed by my 'Severed Dreams' cinematographer, Joseph Henderson along with his camera team on focus and Dolly, Taja Costigan and Josh Reeves. To get something as choreographed as this in a day with very little time and not much money is a testament to the hard work of everyone involved and I'd like to thank John for his professionalism and grace under pressure. Special mention to Hanna Backland who was an invaluable production designer and Alex Harris who is an amazing magician in his own right, who helped devise the routine.

We've already got a very cool write up from The Word magazine:

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The Dancer and the Devil - Rogue Theatre

Rogue Theatre as a company are a joy to collaborate with on film. Their rich lighting, lush production design and performance style; where dance, drama, poetry, live music, circus and cabaret often blend together, is a treat for any filmmaker to capture on film. This footage was taken in Tehidy Woods, Cornwall as part of their outdoor performances of 'The Dancer and the Devil in the Woods'. For more information visit -​dancer-and-the-devil/ ​

Music by Julian Gaskell

Friday, 12 August 2011


This weekend will see my third video collaboration as director with Mondo Records, this time for renowned acoustic singer / songwriter , John Smith. Cameras are rolling on Sunday with our good friends, Rogue Theatre providing an amazing set for us at their rehearsal space. I will again be working with 'Severed Dreams' DOP Joseph Henderson. The song will probably be familiar to you and the video promises magic, intrigue and wonder ... Watch this space.

Some Love for John Smith:

"Spellbinding" - TIME OUT

" A guitar genius..." - THE SUN

"The playing style he adopts may cause your jaw to hit the floor... he has all the flair for the gathering storm that made Jeff Buckley so hesitates to mention Nick Drake but well, one already has done" - WORD MAGAZINE

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

WEEKEND RETREAT official site goes live.

Last year I had the privilege of serving as 1st assistant Director on upcoming feature, Weekend Retreat, the debut feature from writer/director Brett Harvey. The website is now live and features a hilarious trailer and an opportunity to help get the film into theaters. Early test screenings have proven hugely successful so join up to become part of a grassroots campaign to get this ace comedy thriller into your local multiplex!

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

New Promo for 'Surfing Tommies' 2011 Tour.

I Filmed and edited this trailer for my friends at 'Bish Bash Bosh Productions' in St.Agnes, Cornwall.

Set during, and in the aftermath of the First World War, SURFING TOMMIES tells the story of three Cornish tin miners whose lives are blown apart when they all leave behind the place they know and love for the fields of Flanders and the atrocities of trench warfare. Partly based on real events, SURFING TOMMIES is written by Cornish writer Alan M. Kent and won the ‘Hoyler An Gof’ award for best piece of poetry or drama in 2010. It begins a national tour at The Minack Theatre, Penzance on Monday 23 May.

For tour dates please visit or

It's a Fantastic Show!

Thursday, 28 April 2011

'Severed Dreams' Videolog Pick on 'Cinema 5D'

The good people at 'Cinema 5D', the ultimate forum for filmmakers using
canon DSLRs, have chosen 'Severed Dreams' to be the first video featured
in their new 'Videolog Pick' Feature - Thanks guys!

The Video has had loads of support at the site and is currently in the top three rated videos.

see the article at:

Friday, 15 April 2011

'SKYNT' The musical headlines first showing in Event Cornwall's Skylight Cinema Tour -Tuesday April 19th, Victoria Gardens Truro - FREE TICKETS!

The FREE screening will take place in Victoria Gardens, Truro Tuesday April 19th at 19:30.
The evening also features work by renowned local filmmaker Brett Harvey (director of upcoming Cornish feature, 'Weekend Retreat')

Come along and bring a picnic!

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

New Music video released today for Ruarri Joseph - 'Severed Dreams'

Ian Bucknole : film

I've just directed a new promo for Ruarri Joseph @ Mondo Management. It's a cool coming-of-age short film inspired by Ted Hughes 'The Iron Man' (No Robert Downey Jr, sorry). I'm so proud of it I bough Vimeo Plus especially! The concept was to continue a story about childhood magical friends where most movies would leave it - Pete's Dragon, ET, Mac and Me, Terminator 2 (!). Our film takes the magical friend through to adulthood where it essentially screws up our protagonist's life!  The excellent cinematography by Joseph Henderson really sells a balance between the gritty and the fantastical and the Robot design was accomplished by fantastic production designer Samuel Normington and a Doug Jones beating turn by actress Taja Costigan.
The video and song seem to go hand in hand and special props should go to Adam Sanders who is a terrific child actor (good luck with the Billy Elliot audition mate), not to mention Emily Dobson and Kelly Jane Manning who play the harassed woman and Princess respectively (and brilliantly).

Special thanks to: Kjetil Alexander Gudmestad, my 1st AD, Lucy Pullinger ( makeup artist) and James Harris (focus puller) as well as Chris Naughton from Mondo Management. I should also probably thank my wife, Tiana Doht for putting in a great turn as the terrorized date! The video was shot on canon 5d mark 2 and 550d for under a grand on location in Cornwall.