Saturday, 5 November 2011

New music video released, John Smith - Genie in a Bottle

This is the new video in collaboration with Mondo Management commissioned by Bernadette Barrett, Manager of Damien Rice and Lisa Hannigan as well as the fantastic John Smith. The video was shot in a very long day at the Rogue Theatre space in Cornwall and Stars Rogue mainstays Ollie Oakenshield and Molly Weaver. The video was lensed by my 'Severed Dreams' cinematographer, Joseph Henderson along with his camera team on focus and Dolly, Taja Costigan and Josh Reeves. To get something as choreographed as this in a day with very little time and not much money is a testament to the hard work of everyone involved and I'd like to thank John for his professionalism and grace under pressure. Special mention to Hanna Backland who was an invaluable production designer and Alex Harris who is an amazing magician in his own right, who helped devise the routine.

We've already got a very cool write up from The Word magazine:

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